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Fitness Edge: Like most people, you probably spend more time sitting than running or playing sports. And that can be a big problem for your overall health.

Sitting for long periods is linked with many negative health consequences, including an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from the effects of sitting. These tips can even help you get into better shape. Let’s look at how you can use fitness to counteract the adverse effects of sitting.

Build Strength: Fitness Edge

Build strength
Build Strength. Source: Pexels

Strength training is the best exercise for countering the harmful effects of sitting. As you age, your muscles tend to lose mass, but you can prevent this from happening by lifting weights. Strong muscles are less likely to atrophy.

You can also improve your strength by doing activities like climbing stairs, carrying groceries, or cleaning. If you are trying to lose weight, you should, of course, avoid heavy strength training. Instead, focus on exercises that focus on endurance.

Get Moving

Get Moving
Get Moving. Source: Pexels

If you are sitting for long periods, you are likely to feel tired and less energetic than usual. That’s because your muscles are not as strong as they used to be when you were younger. To counteract this, try mixing up your routine with more intense workouts.

If you are trying to lose weight, you should avoid HIIT classes, as they are too fierce for weight-loss purposes. Instead, choose lower-intensity classes like Tabata intervals or Tabata Tabata routines.

Eat Well: Fitness Edge

Eat Well for your fitness edge
Eat Well. Source: pexels.

Eating well can protect you against the adverse effects of sitting. Getting enough protein, calcium, and iron to maintain your immune system and keep your muscles strong is essential.

Too many people believe they can skip these nutrients if they try to lose weight, but that’s not the case. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you are trying to lose weight, avoid sugary drinks and snacks. Try to pair them with vegetables so that you stay hydrated.

You can also boost your fiber intake to help you feel fuller for longer. Do this by eating whole grains or legumes or by taking supplements.

You may also drink red wine, which has antioxidants that promote healthy blood flow and reduces blood pressure.

Find your Balance: Fitness Edge

Find your Balance for your fitness edge
Find your Balance. Source: Pexels

You can improve your health and fitness by finding the right balance between hard and easy training sessions. Avoid training too intensely before bed if you are trying to lose weight. Instead, choose an easy workout.

To stay healthy and fit, you also need to vary your training. Using the same routine every week might lead to boredom and burnout, so you should try to mix it up every month or so.

Take a Break: Fitness Edge

Take a Break for your fitness edge
Take a Break. Source: Pexels

If you feel sluggish or fatigued after sitting for long periods, it’s a good idea to take a break. As we discussed at the beginning of this article, sitting for long periods can lead to reduced energy levels, increased risk of illness, and a weakened immune system.

This means you are more likely to get sick if you sit for long periods. If you are trying to lose weight, avoid skipping meals or going too long without eating. Skipping meals causes your body to break down muscle, which makes it harder to stay lean.

Also, avoid intense workouts that leave you too tired to eat properly. Instead, take a break from exercise, then slowly increase your intensity over time.

Don’t Stop Believing

If you are ready to make fitness part of your daily routine, you will be happy to learn that sitting is much more manageable than you may have expected.

As we discussed above, making minor changes to your lifestyle can hugely impact your health and fitness. Now that you have the information to make sitting less of a problem, you can get ready to make fitness a part of your daily routine.

These tips can even help you get into better shape. If you would like to improve your physical performance, you need to start thinking about fitness as something that should be a part of your daily routine. Following these fitness edges, you might get a healthy life. Share your journey and thoughts in the comment.

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